What is the most common tire repair?

Nothing compares to the frustration that comes with a flat tire. Ironically, the situation arises when you really need to get somewhere, such as an important family function or a job interview. Although flat tires can be inconvenient at times, there is no need to worry because you can often get a flat tire repair service instead of having your tires replaced with a new one or removed completely. We have outlined the main ways in which issues such as flat tires or punctured tires are fixed.

Most Common tire repair options

Whenever possible, flat tire repairs should be made in the best interests of the driver and passengers. The following list is an effort to help you gain a better understanding of the whole tire repair process so that you can understand your options.

i) Plug Repair

The simplest and fastest type of tire repair is a plug replacement. A small piece of leather is coated with rubber adhesive and stuffed inside the hole to seal the air leakage. It is possible to do this without removing the whole tire. A tire plug, however, is only a temporary fix.

ii) Patching

In the case of a tire patch, its main purpose is to cover the puncture hole in the tire and to seal off the inner liner of the tire by adhering to the inside of the tire’s casing. Patches last for the remainder of the tire’s life, which is generally seven to ten years.

iii) Tire Patch & Plug Combo

The tire plug (or stem) and a tire repair patch are two tire repair technologies that are combined to create a tire repair patch and plug combo. The repair eventually fuses with the tire, forming an airtight seal that keeps contaminants and moisture out and air in.

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